BioNAV Health & Wellness Introduces REJUVEN Organic Personal Skin Care with Crowdfunding

Hoffman Estates, IL — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — Hoffman Estates, IL – December 23, 2014 – BioNAV (as in Biotech Navigation) is a new start-up Stress Management company that focuses on the 5 Core Values of Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Fitness, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep & Breathing. BioNAV is about to release their first Premium Organic Personal Skin Care product line in early 2015 introducing REJUVEN Organics. The crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo on December 19, 2014 and will run through February 2, 2015.


BioNAV’s HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SKIN CARE:  REJUVEN Organic products are uniquely formulated to nourish and hydrate every layer of the skin, including the sub-layers.  In addition, they are loaded with anti-oxidant ingredients to stimulate collagen production.  All of the ingredients they use are 100% natural, of which is at least 95% Organic or greater…Safe, Clean and Chemical Free!


Specially Blended to Nourish & Revitalize Your Skin


  • No GMO Ingredients
  • No toxic pesticides
  • No synthetic growth hormones
  • No petroleum based fertilizers
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No irradiated ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Naturally scented


The goal is to raise $250,000 to pay for the cost of everything that’s needed to launch the new Organic Personal Skin Care line for the mass market.  Contributions to the campaign will be used to fund our USDA certifications, increase our underwriter coverage, and expand their grass-roots marketing to meet BioNAV’s fast growing demand.


As part of the campaign, BioNAV will be donating 15% of the contributions raised to the OCEAN FUTURES SOCIETY as a worthy cause.  OCEAN FUTURES is nonprofit organization that was founded by Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau).  


Since the REJUVEN Organic Skin Care products are 100% all-natural, BioNAV and those that contribute to their campaign will help bring more awareness to the Ocean Futures Society and their dedication of ocean advocacy.


About BioNAV Health & Wellness


BioNAV offers custom business development & sales representation services for manufacturers interested in selling their products in North America. They specialize in dealer channel restructuring and point-of-sale growth models for manufacturers that produce Health & Wellness, Beauty, Electronics and Fitness related products.


To LEARN MORE or to help support Rejuven Organic Personal Skin Care Campaign on Indiegogo, please visit:



Rob Freeman
BioNAV Health & Wellness

3 Golf Center, Suite 112,

Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Tel: (312) 957-8472




Bands Hit The Right Note With Music Project

Glasgow, Scotland — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — A special concert at the Record Factory venue will feature four bands involved in the Jam community project at Glasgow Music Studios.

The project is funded by Creative Scotland and it is now in its third year.

The studios, which occupy disused railway arches in Glasgow’s Osborne Street, were established several years ago by Lynne Howard.

She said: “The aim of JAM is to allow young people to take part in music-making. It’s all about removing barriers to making music.

“They learn how to be in a band, how to rock out and play music, how to record, how to play gigs.”

The Jam project is now coming to a close for 2014, and Lynne says it has been another great year.

Tonight’s event will see the four bands each playing a variety of cover versions as well as at least one original song each.

One of the bands is Starburst, which came together as a result of the charity’s Enable involvement with Jam.

The band’s members are Christopher McShannon, Christine Leitch, Joe Sharpe and Ben Martin.

Joe Sharpe, one-quarter of Starburst, is an example of the impact of the scheme. He was shy and withdrawn before being introduced to the project by Enable.

Project coordinator, Gary Stewart, said: “Since Joe started at the project, he has honed his guitar skills and progressed to the drums. His confidence has soared.”

Joe said: “I love coming to the project and learning how to play new instruments.”

l Entry to tonight’s show at the Record Factory, 17 Byres Road, G11 5RD, is free. Studio website is Telephone: 0141 552 0907.

l Twenty young carers who have their own Jam project on Mondays have a showcase gig at The Stand tomorrow from 5pm.


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Bands Hit The Right Note With Music Project

Glasgow, Scotland — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — A special concert at the Record Factory venue will feature four bands involved in the Jam community project at Glasgow Music Studios.
The project is funded by Creative Scotland and it is… Continue reading

Thyroid Dysfunction on a Rise Among Young Women

Ogden, Utah — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — The human body accepts a certain lifestyle that contributes to the good health and fitness of a person. If this is altered in the slightest way, there are chances that a few important organs in the body stop responding as expected. This is a similar condition with Thyroid. This is usually called a male hormone that is also used in smaller quantities in women. Although this hormone may not affect the health of a woman directly, it is one of the most important hormones that has to be supplied to the body.

The changing lifestyle due to which women are seen getting used to a deficient diet with no nutrition and lack of exercise has led to a stage where the number of women suffering with Thyroid is on a rise. Many among these, do not know “What is Thyroid Dysfunction?” and thus ignore the fact that they need to look into the matter. In earlier days, this disorder was first found in women who were in their 30s, most in those who were above the age of 35 years. But, now, since people have changed the way they live, with the change in food, exercise, etc., it is found that thyroid dysfunction is now affecting the younger women too.

Doctors have said that the intake of improper food may give rise to obesity. Obesity will later contribute in making people lazy and thus avoid the movements necessary for the body. The main symptoms that people often ignore are obesity, sudden weight gain, difficulty in losing weight, fatigue, body ache, menstrual disorders, mood swings, increase in hair fall and more. Younger women who come across these problems, are advised to get their Thyroid levels checked immediately. This will help them deal with the problem at an early stage.

The increasing number of young women that are being detected with this problem has now set up an alarm for the doctors to help patients deal with this at the initial stage and provide necessary precautionary guidelines for women. According to the officials at VEO Natural, a healthy lifestyle with nutrient rich food that has enough of iodine and regular workouts will help one to prevent such a disorder. They are a team of doctors who have brought about a wide range of natural dietary supplements. Speaking about this rising issue, the doctors have now begun speaking about the issue and have a few natural solutions to help people get rid of it too.

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Vmoving Company Illinois provides In-home estimates to its moving customers

Springfield, Illinois — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — Springfield, Illinois – Moving can be one of the most stressful situations that one can be in if people choose the wrong kind of movers to help them relocate. Relocation does not involve just moving of furniture from one place to another. It involves time, work, money and most importantly trust. People need someone who knows everything about moving and can handle it when things go awry. One such company that has been helping people move smoothly from one place to another across the country is . The Vmoving Company provides better deals in moving to its customers by supplying packing boxes and material that will help take care of the daintiest valuable they may possess. Their employees are expert packers and can help arrange the packing process in a smooth manner. This moving company Illinois believes in serving customers to the best of their ability and that is why if a customer wants to move to a place where they do not provide service, Vmoving will help the customer connect with someone who has the expertise to help relocate and is reliable locally.

Vmoving has offices nationwide and helps move almost 120 people a week across the country. They service all 51 states and can help people move overseas as well. The Vmoving Company covers all moving requirements such as:

- Packing
– Loading
– Unloading
– Unpacking
– Providing free quotes for moving
– Instate as well as out of state relocation
– Affordable prices
– Expert advice on moving heavy loads
– 24/7 customer service

Unlike other moving companies Illinois, Vmoving Company believes that their job does not end by providing a quote to the customer. They help the customer as well as the environment by using fuel efficient trucks which are environmentally friendly. This decreases the cost of moving which translates into reasonable moving rates for the customers. Vmoving Company was started to help people move without having to deal with the stress that many people face when they put their trust in unreliable movers. Vmoving Company has experts and skilled employees who are capable of moving any size possessions to any distance in any kind of weather with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Movers in Cities as Addison , Chicago , Rockford and more in Illinois you can find by zip code .

At (888) 308-2797 you can find live agents 24/7 or Follow:

- Facebook

Media Contact
Company Name: VMoving
Phone: (888) 308-2797

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Campaign for Independence Exceeds Expectations in Creating Jobs and Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Artwork Donation Puts Avenues to Independece Fundraising Campaign Over the Top

Park Ridge, Ill. (PRWEB) December 22, 2014

Supporters of Avenues to Independence, a nonprofit that works with adults who have developmental disabilities, donated $5.1 million to a recently concluded three-year fundraising effort, Campaign for Independence.

The outpouring of support is remarkable for two reasons. First, it exceeded the ambitious $3.8 million campaign goal by nearly 35 percent, despite an economic downturn. And second, it did so with the help of an unusual donation: three original paintings created by artist Howard Terpning, an illustrator born in Oak Park, Ill., who attained recognition for his paintings of Native Americans.

The Terpning art was owned by Avenues Foundation board member and honorary campaign chair Clarence Herbst, a 30-plus year supporter of Avenues. Herbst, a long-time collector of Terpning’s work, donated three paintings to Avenues for auction at the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, at which they fetched $2.8 million.

Like many not-for-profits, Avenues to Independence is increasingly reliant on private donations as state funding is on the decline.

“The future of government funding for disability services will continue to be very limited and that’s why the support we’ve built over the last 61 years is so critical to our organization’s ongoing mission,” said Bob Okazaki, CEO/executive director, Avenues to Independence. “We are fortunate and grateful that in our moments of need, we have a community that is ready to demonstrate the depth of its commitment.”

Dollars raised have made possible much-needed renovations, provided more residences and expanded employment opportunities for clients. Among the major expansions has been the Avenues Thrift Shoppe in Park Ridge. The expanded store space now includes an area for employment training and an area for entrepreneurial projects that Avenues program participants create and sell. It also features a computer center where participants learn computer skills and sell their work online. Funds have also supported the following:

  • The purchase of a home in Des Plaines that is providing a home for six Avenues clients.
  • A new computer education initiative giving 200 Avenues clients access to computers and training for the first time where they work and where they live.
  • Over $1 million in deferred maintenance, providing safe and accessible housing and work places for Avenues clients.
  • An endowment to fund future programs.

“The Avenues board is deeply grateful to every person who contributed to the Campaign for Independence. Without the Avenues community of support, this not-for-profit would not be able to carry on its valuable work,” said Jerry Feldman, campaign chair. “This was an ambitious campaign but I always knew it was reachable through the collective generosity of the amazing individuals who believe in Avenues and the dignity of employment and independent living opportunities for those who have developmental disabilities.”

“Our supporters have shown us that anything is possible and inspired us to continue dreaming,” added Herbst. “Just as the Avenues clients show courage and resolve each day, this campaign has demonstrated the strength of the Avenues community to make a difference.”


Since 1953, Avenues to Independence has provided homes, jobs and community living programs to adults with physical, intellectual, and other developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy and cerebral palsy in Chicago and suburban Cook County. The nonprofit’s goal is to provide work and living opportunities enabling those with disabilities to be as independent as possible.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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The Complete Guide For Yahoo Mail Problems

Ontario, Ontario — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — If you are facing issues with your Yahoo mail account, contacting the customer service number is the most intelligent thing to do. Actually, calling the tech support team is equipped with in depth knowledge about the Yahoo problems the customers might face.   They are well trained and knowledgeable and know about the various issues that arise with the Yahoo mail account.

If you too have been looking for complete solutions to your email problems the Yahoo mail technical support team is the place you should turn your attention to. Yahoo mail not working properly is a common problem or slow Yahoo mail or deleted mails or hacked email accounts all such issues can be sorted out by the customer service team.  But the Yahoo mail service center acts as he complete guide for a variety of problems with the mail accounts. If one fine day you are not able to open your Yahoo mail account and you are not able to solve the issue, you can check out the written tutorials provided by Yahoo. But, if you are the person who would not be interested in reading long and complex tutorials, yahoo customer service team can come to your help.

Yahoo tech support team is available at Yahoo customer service number each and every day of the year. The technical associate teams work under experienced management which does regular brainstorming sessions and discusses the hacking problems and password recovery issues very seriously. To solve these issues definite road map is planned and solutions are chalked out. Consequently, callers are provided with full proof solutions for their problems related to their mail account.

Yahoo mail helpline number is accessed by hundreds of callers and to keep them satisfactory answers to all the enquiries raised.  If you have been thinking what is the Yahoo helpline number then you should not waste time and call the tech support number. There are hundreds of tech support associates who are working day and night to take calls of the Yahoo subscribers.

When you call a Yahoo customer service center of Yahoo you get solutions easily and the best part is that you don’t have to make any great efforts. A simple call to the technical support team is all you need to make to get all your Yahoo mail related problems solved.

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Jojo Maman Bebe providing new ranges of clothes for maternity and kids categories

Macclesfield, Cheshire — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — The choices become quite limited for expecting mothers when it comes to the selection of clothes for an outing purpose whether it’s regarding some event or function. They hardly could select the clothes during their maternity days and most of the times even if they make a selection, it’s just their compromise. Indeed there are many clothes designed specifically for the maternity days, but most of them lack in styling or attractiveness.

In such a case a store providing dedicated stylish clothes is pretty much convincing for expecting mothers. Jojo Maman Bebe is one such store which provides attractive ranges of clothes for maternity. The store has some finest range of clothing collections for expecting women which are truly captivating and at the same time highly comfortable. Additionally, the clothing collections are highly suitable for any sort of event and function.

The store stocks varieties of fashionable clothes designed with excellence for women in their maternity days. Take a look on various clothing categories of the store which include-Tops and shirts, maternity jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses, knitwear, coats and jackets, pyjamas and nightwear and innerwear. Other than that, the store also includes optimum quality of maternity products with various options.

Thus there would be no more skipping of parties, events or functions for maternity women. Well, the other surprising aspect of store is its extensive collection for kids. Yes! This is true. From new born babies to girls and boys under 6 years of age, you could find various products associated to the tots including outfits, socks, shoes, accessories and along with winter and summer collections.

Jojo Maman Bebe started in the year 1993 and gradually became one of the leading online stores of maternity and baby products. You have the option to order them online or you could also visit their stores. One of the impressive facts about Jojo Maman Bebe is that, it has about 61 boutiques across the area. Meaning your option to choose suitable products ultimately increases with its every boutique.

Further Christmas is on the way. The store emerges as an ideal gift source. You could select various products associated to babies, boys and girls or expecting mothers on this festive season. And guess what? All of the products could be availed at attractive discounted rates through Jojo Maman Bebe discount code This exclusive scheme is provided by, which is an authentic coupon store.

Apart from this you could also make exciting savings on gifts and toys. In addition, on placing your order before 19th Dec 2014, you would be able to get your pre Christmas delivery for free.

For more information you could also contact the store at 0871 423 5656 or can send e-mail at

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Supported Email Service Provided by Google

Ontario, California — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — Gmail is highly concerned about the security of their email user’s as well as stop breaching of data from various accounts.  So it keeps a check on the working a proper functioning of Gmail service with the thorough verification so that third person is not allowed use the Gmail accounts.

You will come across the question of security verification or password help when you face problem while login into Gmail account. The users were not able to access their account, the reason might be – providing wrong password, incorrect user ID or their account is hacked by illegal hackers. Check out with the Google email customer service whenever you face any problem related to your Gmail account.

Therefore, will it be look on to the Gmail technical support number and seek help.

When you are not able to access your account and you must click on the option to recover your account. This step will lead you to the next step of account recovery. Here, you have to face many questions, the question all related to information that you have provided before creating the Gmail mail account. You must fill in all details accurately.

You have to perform all these steps to maintain your account. This stops the third persons from keeping your account at stake. Gmail password recovery helps to recover your old account is your input original details and carry out a secret verification code that will be further sent to your phone number. After you receive the code, enter it in the box and your verification procedure will be completed. Now this makes of your password fully secured.

If you operate the Gmail account and do not get the code on your mobile then it is a serious issue. However, this is one of the common errors that users makes as they insert the new phone number while verification. Since, verification procedure is very crucial, a simple mistake can block your account. Single wrong information sent will give an impression of a third person. Therefore, when you provide the phone number you must enter the same number you had provided while creating the account. As soon as your verification process ends then you can change your old number according to the requirement. If still this does not end your security problems and issue then you must give a call to the Gmail helpline technical support number and ask for help.

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Dr Mercola Coupons Is Offered To Avail Attractive Price Cuts

Lahaina, HI — Dec 22, 2014 / ( — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Health is wealth. Every day work stress has been the main cause to the detoriating health. This is why; DrMercola has come up as the best seller of the nutritional supplements and other health and dietary products, online. They facilitate the selling of these both nationally and internationally. Their online shopping has been beneficial as the company now provides a good discount and offers on every product that they sell. The dr mercola coupons are available with $5 discount. This is applicable, if the user buys for less than $40.

This is a specially designed Dr. Mercola coupon that is presented as a motivation to the users. This is going to encourage every customer to get these ups- to – date natural items and resources of the web based distributor. The company is motivating with its price cuts on fitness products to help you to get into best shape, using the Dr Mercola coupon code.

These Dr Mercola discount code and the Dr Mercola promo code are applicable on special products that are available on internet. The buyers can use these codes, printed on the site and get a great discount on the products. Apart from that, Dr Mercola promo code is available on the face book page of the company. With this a huge discount, the supplements can be availed with complete easefrom the web shops. Dr Mercola promotional codes are loved by the users. For more details please visit


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