TradeTec Launches New Skyline Storefront Website Offering Trade Show Exhibits in Chicago

TradeTec provides trade show booths in Chicago and has launched a new Skyline storefront website, showing exclusive trade show services in Chicago and beyond.

Online PR News – 30-October-2014TradeTec Skyline recently launched their brand new Skyline storefront website. The site is for Skyline Elite Partners to showcase their own unique portfolio of exhibits, designs and support within the Skyline network.

The TradeTec Storefront allows prospects and clients alike to discover more about TradeTecs business model, meet their team of management, and access important information about their products and services. Additionally, the website enables audiences to view client example displays, ranging from island exhibits to portable solutions and anything in between. Visit the TradeTec storefront at

“Not only are we excited about the new Skyline rebranding, but we are also excited about using the new storefront website to build awareness of the latest changes to the Skyline network. Skyline has reinvested in their new brand and product offerings, expanding from WindScape shapes to the new SkyRise Walls System. All of Skyline’s hard work shows through the new collection of client branded exhibits delivered from the network in the last few years.” Said Troy Trice, President of TradeTec Skyline (” This isnt the Skyline you remember. It is a bigger and better Skyline where the sky is truly the limit to what we can do!”

The TradeTec storefront design incorporates all the creative elements of the newly launched Skyline brand, yet features diversified business solutions offered exclusively by TradeTec. The storefront also references TradeTecs current client testimonials and videos, as well as provides information on upcoming TTEvents, Skyline Webinars, blogs and news updates. This is a great resource for clients to stay up to date on Skylines latest awards and new product announcements, such as the WindScape new line extension shapes and the Skyrise Walls system.

TradeTec Skyline specializes in designing trade show exhibits and banner stands in Chicago. They work with exhibitors to not only design their trade show products, but also to develop strategic marketing and promotional strategies.

Not only does TradeTec Skyline provide trade show product design, but they also offer a variety of trade show services. Their services include show site supervision, installation and dismantling, complete pre-show inspection, and warehousing of display booths in Chicago. They also offer trade show exhibit rental in Chicago.

As part of the global Skyline Exhibits network, TradeTec Skyline provides exhibitors with worldwide service and support. Skyline Exhibits has about 80 dealers in North America and more than 130 dealers worldwide.

To find out more about TradeTec Skyline and the products and services they offer, visit them at

About TradeTec Skyline:
TradeTec is a full-service Exhibit Studio located just outside Chicago, IL that offers enhanced trade show exhibits, displays, permanent installs, full management, planning and execution of corporate meetings and face-to-face events. As a Skyline Elite Partner, TradeTec also provides their clients with modular programs and a global reach, while boasting one of the industrys largest rental display fleets. Their services include award winning design, warehouse, I&D, maintenance and pre and post- show full lead enhancement marketing programs.

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Clues to Home Buyer Preferences in the Twin Cities Housing Market

Clues to home buyer preferences in the Twin Cities can be drawn from new research by Ben-Shahar, a Tel Aviv University Professor. Home Destination, a Twin Cities residential Realtor with RE/MAX Results comments on the findings and how this may help sellers predict home buyer activity.

Minneapolis, Twin Cities Minnestoa (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Fresh research indicates that each individual’s personality traits may be foretelling of his or her home purchase behaviors. Tel Aviv University Professor Danny Ben-Shahar discovered “a very solid correlation” between personality and real estate choices and reported to the Wall Street Journal in an article titled In Real Estate, Your Personality Makes You Predictable. The research lends clues to home buyer preferences in the Twin Cities housing market; predictive behaviors are useful for both real estate investors and would-be home sellers.

“Home Sellers in Twin Cities can always appreciate better insights that predict home buyer preferences in the Twin Cities housing market,” says Jenna Thuening, owner of Home Destination.

Prospective home buyers with high neuroticism scores tend to want the control that comes with owning their own home over renting one. Neurotic individuals tend have less risk tolerance, Ben-Shahar told The Wall Street Journal. Researchers controlled for several variables, such as level of education, home ownership, age, gender, and income.

Personality Types That Influence Housing Decisions – The Study was drawn from responses by 1,100 individuals who rated themselves on the following personality traits:

  •     Openness (e.g. artistic and imaginative) – tend to opt for mortgages with lower loan-to-value ratio
  •     Conscientiousness (efficient and organized) – want a fixed-rate mortgage
  •     Extroversion (sociable and energetic) – tend to opt for mortgages with lower loan-to-value ratio
  •     Agreeableness (forgiving and undemanding) – prefer to invest in real estate versus stocks
  •     Neuroticism (tense and moody) – would rather own than rent

Real Estate Inclinations – The respondents were also queried as to their real estate inclinations; questions incorporated the following categories:

  •     Type of mortgage
  •     Preference to rent or buy
  •     Investing in real estate vs stocks

The Influence of Mortgage Rates on Twin Cities Home Buyers

Conventional mortgage rates have continued lower, yet oddly overall they don’t seem to be enticing a strong buyer reaction. The Mortgage Bankers Association expects the average rate on a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage to increase gradually to 5.1 percent by the end of 2015. Higher rates may discourage some personality types from refinancing or buying homes. “Overall it’s best not to make a “spooked” or fearful decision to buy or not buy a home. Individuals who have a strong support team made up of professionals who offer guidance are in a positive place to make better living decisions,” says Thuening.

“While rates are attractive, the overly burdensome requests for documentation result in many buyers losing the will to live. I’ve worked on a refi for myself and it’s endless. I’m sure that good lending decisions can be made with less documentation,” stated Simon Rimmington in Realtor Magazine on October 29th.

Renowned for his previous analysis related to real estate markets, such as Productive Signaling Equilibria and Over-Maintenance: An Application to Real Estate Markets, Danny Ben-Shahar’s work in highly regarded. With just how major a home purchase decision is and how influencing living arrangements are, the study snagged the focus of Realtor Magazine.

“The Twin Cities housing market was recognized for being a trend setter nationally in a Trulia study earlier this year; the new research is intriguing for housing experts,” comments Thuening.

About Home Destination – Twin Cities Real Estate:

Home Destination offers a loyal and committed real estate professional service that personally handles all of the details of selling or purchasing homes in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Highly regarded by peers as a Minneapolis metro expert for over 15 years, gain a skilled representative as guide to make the best possible housing decisions. Helping all home buyer types, from individuals seeking to buy their first home to individuals moving-up to a luxury home, Jenna Thuening has the real estate experience and acumen buyers and sellers benefit from.


Jenna Thuening


Email. jenna(at)homedestination(dot)com

Tel. 612-396-7832

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World’s Most Luxurious Dating App, Luxy, Adds “Verify Income” Feature to Its 2.5.0 Version

Luxy, a dating app that claims to be “exclusively designed for the top 1%”, has just launched its newest version, in which a very important feature called, “Verify income” is added.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Luxy, a dating app that claims to be “exclusively designed for the top 1%”, has just launched its newest version, in which a very important feature called, “Verify income” is added. Users can now apply to be verified by clicking the “Verify Now” button on their profile.

On the profile page, Luxy users will be able to see an income icon under their profile picture, where they can fill it with the amount of money they earn annually. Right beside “Income”, they will find a “Verify Income” button. Click on it, they will be prompted to verify their info by uploading their license or passport, and the next step is to upload their assets proof. Once the application is approved, a verification stamp will be added to the user’s profile, indicating that this user is a verified millionaire.

While Luxy‘s previous version did ask users to complete their profile by adding their annual income, it did not provide a system to verify it. This new feature helps remove the doubt and according to the app’s algorithm, will increase the chance of being liked 5 times.

Luxy also added a “Delete account” function to this version in case some users no longer feel the need to use the app.

The difference between Luxy and any other dating apps out there in the industry is obvious. General dating apps are usually for all kinds of people, but Luxy is only for wealthy people. According to their spokesperson, Luxy does not want people with low income to stay on the app. “The main reason why we develop such a feature is that we want our users to connect with real successful people, not with riff raff who lives in perpetual job insecurity and yet wants to be gold diggers.”

Users can now update the app on their iOS or Android devices. For more information about Luxy, here’s its official website:

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Enjoy a Perfect Thanksgiving Holiday with Tips from

Top10inaction has released a Thanksgiving Day collection for those who want to celebrate, enjoy and learn more about this traditional holiday.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Here comes another Thanksgiving Day. Top10inaction, a professional product reviewing website, has released a Thanksgiving Day collection for those who want to celebrate, enjoy and learn more about this traditional holiday.

The whole series is made of 5 articles, covering all Thanksgiving themes and essentials. In the article All About Thanksgiving, readers are able to learn the history and background of this holiday. Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas and Gift Basket Ideas for Thanksgiving will give people some inspiration to express their gratitude to people they love and care about. Readers can find useful gift tips and recommendations for parents, kids, friends and more. No matter what people choose, remember it’s the thought that counts.

The festival of harvest won’t be called complete without a feast. Turkey, of course, is an indispensable course on the Thanksgiving dinner. Although dining out might be a nice choice, homemade turkey is far more meaningful. However, it can be quite challenging for novices to cook a turkey well. Therefore, Top10inaction provides readers with Easy Ground Turkey Recipes to make thing easier. Apart from the traditional, readers on a diet can also discover some delicious and healthy snacks in Best Thanksgiving Recipes. And the website also reveals detailed instructions to make sure that everyone can manage these low-fat delicacies.

Speaking of the purpose of this Thanksgiving collection, the owner of Top10inaction says,“We want people to make good use of this holiday to show their love bravely.” Thanksgiving should not be limited to turkey consuming and Black Friday shopping. It may sound old-fashioned to celebrate Thanksgiving ceremoniously, but only by these rituals can people reach the true meaning of this holiday, and that’s where this collection proves to be valuable.

To know more about Thanksgiving Day collection, please visit

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The Ayurveda Experience Review Reveals how to Become a Better and Healthier Person reviews the Ayurveda Experience, a new program that promises to teach users how to become better, happier and healthier.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

According to the Ayurveda Experience review published by Daily Gossip, this new program addresses anyone willing to improve himself, both physically and mentally.

The new method is a 3-step process that will show users all the information they need to know. This online program is based on ancient knowledge from India.

This knowledge is called Ayurveda and reveals that the human body is made of water, air, fire, earth and space. The Ayurveda Experience program was created by Deepak Chopra, who claims that all individuals should discover balance in order to make their lives better, while becoming healthier.

To learn more about Ayurveda please read the full review published by Daily Gossip:—does-it-work-8657

This is a science of life, Chopra claims, adding that by understanding it users will actually be able to better adapt themselves.

Deepak Chopra’s new program is available in the Ayurveda Experience eBook. This guide presents three different plans, Silver Plan, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan.

In each plan, there are seven modules included. They talk about the science of life, exercises and body work, meditations, breath and energy, as well as about Ayurveda throughout life.

The Ayurveda Experience review also reveals that the program promises to change life for the better. In this guide, users will find ways to reduce stress, ways to understand themselves better, as well as ways to improve relationship with others. The program comes with a series of practical instructions on how to meditate to make life better.

The Ayurveda Experience guide comes with some bonus guides which promise to reveal how to start eating healthy food. The guides accessible with this method are The Perfect Ayurveda Breakfast, Ayurveda Exercise and Body Work, Ayurveda Herbs, as well as The Perfect Balance Diet eBook.

The whole method features a full money back guarantee. This means that people who are unhappy with the results obtained from using this program can get a full refund.

The Ayurveda Experience review reveals that the refund rate is very low. In fact, a series of online testimonials recommend this method as a very effective way to enhance well being and create a perfectly balanced life.

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Ex Back CLub Review Examines Matt Huston’s Ex-Boyfriend Recovery System, a division of Ironclad Integrity Ltd, reviews the Ex Back Club program, a new system that promises to teach users how to get an ex back.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

The Ex Back Club review published by Daily Gossip indicates that ending a relationship is one of the most difficult things for anyone. A lot of people try to make a relationship work, but unfortunately things don’t always evolve as hoped.

This new program promises to be an effective way to teach users how to get an ex back and make the relationship happier.

The Ex Back Club review indicates that this program was created by Matt Huston, a relationships expert. The author of this program bases his method on years of research and experience.

He conducted numerous trials to find an efficient method to help users get an ex back easily. Huston also conducted numerous experiments to find out what really works to improve a relationship in the best way possible.

Read the full review by visiting the official website at:—does-it-work-8655

Daily Gossip informs in its Ex Back Club review that what makes this program unique is the fact that it presents some simple tips for situations which commonly appear in a relationship.

So, Matt Huston’s guide will reveal the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to relationships. Avoiding this mistakes is very important in making that relationship work.

Matt Huston’s program is currently available online, in the form of an eBook. The Ex Back Club eBook is simple to download and use.

Learn more about Ex Back Club by using the following link:

All the information that users need to know about the best ways to repair a relationship are presented in the 79 pages of this eBook. This is a step by step strategy that promises to make relationships simpler.

The author of this method claims that commonly after a breakup people tend to feel disappointment, as well as negative thoughts. However, Matt Huston claims that this is a big mistake.

So, his program will also teach users how to renew themselves in order to make their love life better. Huston also claims that communication problems could lead to arguments in a relationship.

Consequently, in his guide the author also talks about the best tips for great communication in a couple.

The Ex Back Club review indicates that this program has already received numerous positive reviews from users, as online testimonials reveal that users enjoyed an amazing success when using this program to repair a relationship.

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A Bad Start Hasn’t Affected New York Knicks Ticket Sales at

Fans find premium, discount Knicks tickets online at The Online retailer encourages customers to use special coupon at checkout.

ewark, NJ (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

The starting of the season hasn’t been kind to the Knicks. The team’s twenty-four point loss to the Chicago Bulls last Wednesday night was disappointing to the team and fans alike. The team struggled through the game against the Bulls with only thirty-seven percent of their shots actually hitting their mark. This allows the Bulls to score an astonishing forty-two points.

This defeat, though disappointing, isn’t entirely unexpected. With a new coach, the announcement of a new offense and five new rotation players, it was predicted by multiple sports analysts that the team would have a rough start early in the NBA season. Phil Jackson, hired last March, dedicated the offseason to reworking the team’s roster and offense plays.

The team’s next game will be played tonight at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. From there, the team will travel to Madison Square Garden and face off against the Charlotte Hornets and then Washington Wizards, all within the next couple days. December, the team will face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers which is sure to spark some interest in all NBA fans. The Cavaliers will enter the season with the return of LeBron James entering the court for the first time in a very long four years. With over eight games scheduled from now until April 15, 2015, fans searching for discount Knicks tickets are sure to find a local game., a discount online retailer, currently has New York Knicks tickets on sale to all game, nationwide and throughout the entire NBA season. Knicks tickets aren’t the only events to which provides access. The company boasts an impressive inventory to all games throughout the NBA season. Fans searching for any NBA tickets should direct their browser directly to the website.

With an impressive authenticity guarantee and low prices, has proven to be a reliable source of event tickets to fans. The company encourages fans to purchase Knicks tickets and utilize the special discount code “USA” to save $10 off the total ticketing purchase. When prompted at checkout, customers need only to enter the coupon code and the discount will automatically be applied to the purchase. The coupon code may be used on any online tickets purchase.


Our mission is to be the premier ticketing site for all music and concert enthusiasts of all ages. In addition to providing a user friendly and easy-to-navigate platform, we offer the most comprehensive inventory of all event tickets. We seek to accommodate any last minute urges to get tickets. Our ticket specialists are here to help you, the music lovers’ needs above and beyond ticket sales. We offer tickets on our 24/7 web site with our guaranteed safe and secure online transactions and breaking news related to live events, artists and venues.

Media Contact: Sales(at)onlineticketsusa(dot)com

Director of Public Relations (Web Site)

(732)431-9789 Main Office

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Equipmentimes Provides a Platform for Various Online Suppliers in International Trade

Equipmentimes is a leading e-commerce stage that services in international trade and commerce. The company has resourceful infrastructure services about worldwide trade and industries across many sectors.

Dalian, China — (ReleaseWire) — 10/30/2014 — The online trading sector has many third-party associates that enhance the dealings in production line and equipments. Equipmentimes is such a trading hub that with over 50 years in international trade services in China production lines. The third-party service platform aims in helping SME’s to successfully complete foreign trade without engaging any obstacles and using less time. The cost of the trade is also low that helps the trading companies having higher margins in profit.

The company has efficient services and positive result oriented teams that are globally recognized by many international sectors. The Equipmentimes website brings a detailed structure of all the supplier information and product details that one is interested in purchasing. The platform makes trade more efficient and reliable as the products are from genuine houses.

The ice cream mix machine is available in the Equipmentimes site. The machines come in 4 types of beater mode-high, interval, low, 0 speed. The types can be altered with one button controls and perfect for making ice-cream gelatos. The machine gives a whole lot of flexible usage and does great mixture of the cream. The high technology behind the machine’s production gives the machine great solidity and trustworthy performance. The machine also comes with an anti-slipping mat that prevents the ice cream from slipping down the output channel. The ice cream mixture also has a power recovery system in-built that resurfaces the auto processing every time the electricity is off. Also the machine has a user friendly operation that makes its usage simpler and anyone can use it with minimal initial guidance. The machine also comes with an optional print record system that can record the time and temperature every time the machine is under work cycle.

The production line company also deals in ice cream Display Cabinet that is common in many ice cream parlors showcasing the types and flavors. The machine has strong heated glass that cuts the external thermal activity and can compactly hold more than 20 ice cream trays. The machine also has automatic defrost systems that further solidifies its work load. It is finely manufactured in offering a better visibility of the menu inside as the curved glasses are placed at a suitable angle. This ice cream cabinet also consumes less power as it is systemized with Danfoss processor. It has the potential to generate uniform temperature across any place and offers more hygiene and cleanliness from its steel body on the inside. Also the machine has more insulation that results in low usage costs and increased output.

About Equipmentimes
Equipmentimes is a trading company that bridges the international trading provincials of SME’s and showcases all their products to finalize successful dealings.

Their website can be visited for more information-


For Media Contact:
Company: Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
Address: 27F, World Trade Center, No.25, Tongxing Street,
City, State, Country: Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.
Phone: 86-411-39803771
Fax: 86-411-39803301

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Robert Key
Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd
Telephone: 86-411-39803771
Email: Click to Email Robert Key

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Nagoya Commodity Exchange (Ngcx.rg) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Natural Gas Manufacturers’ Federation

Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx.rg) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Natural Gas Manufacturers’ Federation

Nagoya, Japan — (ReleaseWire) — 10/30/2014 — The memorandum of understanding aims to provide fundamental and technical training to the market participants, spread knowledge and awareness about the commodity futures trading and develop and provide services and facilities for the overall improvement of the commodity futures market and market practices, particularly in the energy segment.

The Natural Gas Manufacturers’ Federation use by?products of crude oil as an energy source in their glass melting furnaces. Thus, crude oil price volatility impacts the bottom line of the glass manufacturers. Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx) will educate the market participants and enable Natural Gas manufacturers to take advantage of the commodity futures market to hedge their crude oil price exposures.

Speaking on this development Mr. Genichi Nakatoni, Chairman and CEO of Nagoya Commodity Exchange said: “We are delighted to be associated with The Natural Gas Manufacturers’ Federation. By virtue of this memorandum of understanding, market participants would be imparted knowledge about derivatives market through series of staff training and commodity awareness programs, which will engender confidence in them to hedge their price exposures”

Globally, Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx) is one of largest exchange in crude oil with respect to the number of futures contract traded. Nagoya Commodity Exchange offers futures contracts in crude oil. Each contract represents 100 barrels of crude oil. These contracts can be fixed for each month up to six months ahead.

About Nagoya Commodity Exchange (ngcx)
Nagoya Commodity Exchange ( is a state-of-the-art, fully electronic commodities market offering a full range of listing and trading opportunities for international and domestic commodities, debt, depository receipts, insurance securitization and derivative warrants. Nagoya Commodity Exchange facilitates commodities trading and clearing and settlement of commodity futures transactions, thereby providing a platform for risk management. Nagoya Commodity Exchange significant growth over the last several years is due in large part to the company’s innovative and flexible approach. In addition to taking a leading role in what has become a world trend towards profitability and demutualization, the Exchange has sought to create unique products and services for its markets.

Media Contact:
Korekiyo Saitoh
Nagoya Commodity Exchange
phone: +81524564419
Urbannet Nakoya Building
1-1-10 Higashi Sakura,

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Korekiyo Saitoh
Email: Click to Email Korekiyo Saitoh

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FlipBuilder Enhanced Its Professional Page Turn Software with New Capabilities

FlipBuilder, a renowned company when it comes to providing engaging page turn software has introduced the latest version of Flip PDF Professional for customers across the globe.

Hong Kong — (ReleaseWire) — 10/30/2014 — FlipBuilder, a well known company helping millions across the globe get attractive flipbooks from PDF files, announced the launch of the latest version of their flagship page turn software – Flip PDF Professional. The updated version has a range of new as well as improved features allowing customers to create flipbooks containing some eye catchy designs and features with ease. The inspirational page turning books are displayed smoothly on all Android devices, iPad, iPhone and desktops among others.

The software also allows users to add images, hyperlink, YouTube videos and more to the flip books to make them more entertaining and engaging. Users do not need any prior coding expertise to work on the software.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson of the company said, “We are very excited on announcing the launch of Flip PDF Professional’s latest version for customers across the globe. We have introduced new features to enhance the effectiveness of this software. We have provided many eye-catching pre-designed templates as well. These along with the new features would assist customers in customizing their brochures, catalogue and other documents according to their needs and preferences along with the interactive effects. We are providing all the services at affordable prices so that everyone can take the advantage.” He further added, “We are highly thankful to our customers for their great response. We would definitely introduce some more effective and interesting software in the near future for our valuable customers.”

The company is providing several more page turn tools at affordable prices such as Flip PDF, Flip PDF for Mac, flip shopping catalogue, Flip PDF Pro, Flip PDF Corporation Edition, and many more. The company is allowing customers to buy the product directly from the website. Samples made using the software are also present on the website so that customers can make an informed decision.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder is a Hong Kong based company providing effective solutions to convert the PDF files into wonderful flipbooks.

Visit for more information.

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Customer Service
Email: Click to Email Customer Service

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