WFN1, Inc.. Entered Into a Business Agreement to Work Alongside PitchBook

Dallas, TX — (ReleaseWire) — 06/20/2017 — This information will include detailed information on companies relating PE and VC backed start up and angel-backed mature private companies, public companies and any industry activity involving strategic acquisitions as they happen. It will also include full disclosure of current and past investors with data on portfolio lead partners, latest deal details, partners deals, valuations, terms & multiples as well as analysis of cap tables with a list of participants, with their deal history, and current and planned exits & IPOs.

Regarding M&A information: working with Pitchbook, WFN1 will announce strategic M&A events as they occur live and sponsored M&A activity, as well as public and private M&A and any relevant secondary transactions. Other services offered on an exclusive basis will include news & analysis, both annual and quarterly company reports, with data visualization and custom analytics – a chance to follow.

Michael Yorba, the CEO and founder of WFN1, and a seasoned veteran of radio and television financial news, and founder of The Trader's Network said "The new Pitchbook partnership is an agreement to carry and broadcast the real time investment and corporate activity with Pitchbook and will be a great advantage to WFN1 and Pitchbook, WFN1 bring the latest news and Pitchbook facilitates the positive transactions. This agreement also launches an entire new era of how information on all aspects of industry and corporate finance is communicated, as well as a shared value in trading analytics and algorithms. We will be the only company to carry this information live in real time across multiple media outlets including a smart phone app which will allow real time interrogative communication from users direct to our studios, for immediate answers to both simple and complex questions."

Patrick Bannon (CEO of Pitchbook) stated in our interview "it goes without saying that Pitchbook consider this new relationship with WFN1 a smart move which will enable our company, its services and our vast fields of data and information to reach the correct audience, faster, and more informatively than has currently been available in the industry, WFN1 is a new and exciting platform to announce our future plans"

About Pitchbook
Pitchbook is a recognized leader in helping build the great companies of tomorrow by providing its clients with the world's most meaningful business information and resources. Pitchbook provides reliable, comprehensive data spanning the full lifecycle of M & A, PE and VC transactions along with profiles and bios of the professional involved. The award-winning information platform exclusive to Pitchbook with the WFN1 audience will make it easy for clients of both companies to access data, understand it, and then make meaningful decisions which hitherto might have had less validity and accuracy with the Pitchbook information.

About WFN1
A company committed to focusing on stories, people, businesses that reflect positive financial outcomes. Across multiple media outlets in real time, allowing live user interaction. The WFN1 audience is made aware of new and interesting companies and industries which is inevitably both very fascinating and rewarding. New and productive ideas provoke growth in the global economies and encourage prosperity and good health for all nations on our planet. WFN1 are at the forefront of this emerging new and global  multi-media event

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